Friday, April 27, 2012

Breakthru - my testimony

This blog sums it all up.

I started giving the financial service industry a go go after CNY this year 2012. Went in part time in March 2012. Attended the MDRT workshop specially by our sifu Gordon. Learned the basket idea!! wow u wuld want to know wat Basket is this. ASk me >.<

Eniway..surprise myself with one case in March :)
3 more surprises came in, in April :D
.... i'm serving my last few day with Fitness First and will be officially full time agent 9 May 2012.
Are you surprise.

Go on and check out the morphosis blog and all your ??? will be answered. 

Friday, February 17, 2012

If it is to B is Up to Me

If change is to happen.. it has to happen and i cant be avoiding it.
I'm taking it my way. I'm taking the change my way and make it work.
With God's guidance and mighty hand. Amen

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Do i have a choice

Was i given a choice. Wat will happen if i refuse the change?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Changes for the better

I wasn't prepared at all.

I didn see it coming. i knew the change was coming but...
haiz.. if i knew.. i would have worn my bullet poof jacket den guess it wont hurt too much.

Changes are coming real soon. As for now i will only have to ask for God's guidance and protection.
For He says... I can do all things in Christ who strengths me (Philippians 4:13)

I've kinda fit into this FF family pretty well from the 1st day i step into the company. It's been a nice one year and 19 days since 15 Jan 2011. Great company great people.. awesome system, nonetheless a very supportive boss and a dear fren as well.

I believe our lives cross path for a reason. Though we may not now work in the same place.. but what the hack.. u are still here!! You r not goin anywhere. My prayer goes to you .. pray that all your future endeavour is challenging but rewarding, hard but exciting. Coz you are one person who is full of R.E.C.I.P.E..

Saturday, January 28, 2012

1st lou sang

my 1st lou sang this year 2012!! is 6th day of CNY...but is better late den never.
Had a crazy time wif Zimmie, Eva & Terence, Zila, Jocelyn, Desiree, Aihoi, Zi Hui.  

Friday, January 27, 2012

No regrets..Just Love

This week was a mixture of sad shocking and some love moments.

Love moments are always the moment and time spent doing classes till my body says STOP IT already la Gurl! Siao aa!

When everyone else is busy lou sang...collecting ang pows... i was alone with no where to go. No home town to go back to... no near relatives to visits..

Had reunion dinner wif mum at Nandos on de 1st day and Manhattan Fish on the 2nd. Even "koko" didn come home for reunion :(

Only on the 3rd day dat i started receiving my 1st ang pow from my regular morning members. Is so sweet of her :D

4th day 50 - 60% of the people came back frm home town. Classes started to get packed!! Woohoo

Today 5th day... heard the new of a BC presenter pass away in a tragic shocking way. He was hit by a truck!!

This life we all live in is so short and is only temporary. I want to make the best of every moment i am here. To love and to cry, definitely to not regret and ask what ifs...

If you feel it. Do not suppress it.
If you feel sad... cry it out or scream it out. Dun keep
If you feel like kissing or hugging someone...kiss and hug. dun ask how come.
If you miss someone...tell them. coz if you keep in the heart they wont know

Friday, January 20, 2012

Having faith when facing uncertainties

I want to post everyday. But some days i just don't know how to fill up the missing words in my life!

In work, there's gonna be some changes happening. It's all a big question mark now. But i will continue to stay optimist. The change can be a positive change if i choose to take it positively. So ya... what ever the changes are goin to take place.. i have set a strong mind that it will pass and i will survive and grow. Stronger and wiser.

I would like to take the same princilple and apply tat to my love life as well. I have placed my heart in a dangerous place. Will I back off or will i fight. Off course the later.

"I'm not a Fighter but i'll definatelly fight for what i Love"
This dangerous place is surounded by weeds Weeds that needs to be tended with Care and Love. Given time...sun and rain, this place will be filled with TLC. Is it true. Well i have faith.